As we gear up for our Summer presentation of The TABLE on July 18th, (click the link to order – only a handful of tickets remain!) we wanted to share a little insight into how The TABLE process works.

Previously, we talked about the planning involved with our Spring TABLE in building The TABLE and setting The TABLE. To finish the series, we will talk about what is it like experiencing a meal at The TABLE.



This past weekend we continued our celebration of our 30th anniversary with a picnic here at the Cookery.

Staff, current and past, came together on a beautiful day to share stories, memories and catch up.

With the grill delivering fantastic goodies and a buffet of pot-luck sides and desserts, no one left hungry!

This kind of celebration really makes our managers jump for joy!



Here at A Thyme to Cook we spend a lot of time working with area farmers to get seasonal, fresh, the most local food possible.

We include these ingredients in every menu that we create here at the cookery.

However, while local foods will be highlighted at our July 18th TABLE Pop-Up Dinner, we are revealing in our next CLUE that the secret location will NOT be on a farm.

Tickets are going fast, so secure yours while you still can. The menu and location will amaze.

Have you entered our contest to win two FREE tickets yet? If so, did you guess any farms? Yes? Time to try again!

See our other clues HERE.


It’s that time of year again… wedding season, and we have started it off with a bang!

We have already had wonderful weddings at Saltwater Farm Vineyard, Eolia Mansion at Harkness, Branford House, Mystic Art Center, and are looking forward to our first wedding at White Gate Farm next week. We have had some amazing private and corporate celebrations as well. We are so grateful that the weather is finally stepping up to the plate for these special occasions!

We are getting excited about our next TABLE, to be held on July 18 and at a location that will knock your socks off!



We are very excited to announce that we will be the new summer food service provider at Stonington’s historic Wadawanuck Club!

Weekend lunch service and a snack bar are available for WAD Club members and their guests and started this past Memorial Day weekend. Beginning in Mid-June through Labor Day, lunch service will be available daily.

At that time, we will also begin providing Monday and Friday dinners on a reservation-only basis.


As we gear up for our Summer presentation of The TABLE on July 18th, (win 2 free tickets!) we wanted to share a little insight into how The TABLE process works.

Previously, we talked about the planning involved in creating The TABLE. This time, we are going to discuss tasks that the team need to complete in order to execute the day of.

April 11th arrived and Event Coordinator Brian and his crew headed to the Groton New London Airport to make The TABLE materialize in the main terminal.



In many major cities across the country, the idea of “pop-up” dinners – one-night-only dinners hosted at unusual locations – has become very popular. In the fall of 2013, the team here at A Thyme to Cook wanted to bring the idea to Southeastern Connecticut and make it our own.

We called it The TABLE. Being one of only two Green Certified caterers in New England, it was very important to have the pop-up dinners feature creative menus highlighting local foods. We also wanted to make a mystery of not knowing where the dinner was going to be held. We wanted the dinners to be in non-traditional locations, to keep seating limited, and to create a special experience for our guests. In the past, The TABLE has popped up at a country inn, a velvet mill, a castle and an art association.

As we gear up for our Summer presentation of The TABLE on July 18th, (win 2 free tickets!) we wanted to share a little insight into how The TABLE process works.


For the Spring 2014 event, Brian, one of our very gifted Event Coordinators, took his turn at producing The TABLE. He explored the Groton New London airport to scout one of the airplane hangars as a potential location.

Upon visiting, it became clear that the lack of heating and the faint smell of jet fuel in the air would make a hangar a less than ideal location. He worked with Catherine Young, manager of the airport, who suggested he take a look at the main terminal.

This long terminal lent itself well to The TABLE.



While the mystery location of July 18th’s #TheTABLE remains a hidden treasure, we are giving our Social Media followers a chance to WIN 2 FREE TICKETS!

Leave a comment on one of our social media sites and guess where in Connecticut The TABLE will “Pop-Up” on July 18th. All correct answers will be entered into a random drawing. One lucky guesser will receive 2 FREE TICKETS!

Look for hidden clues in our posts here on the blog, or on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

You can enter one guess (per social media platform) per week. That could be up to 5 guesses per week! Why waste time, start guessing today.

Ways to Guess:

– Comment on this story on the blog!
– Add a comment to our Facebook Post asking for guesses using #PopUpTABLE!
– Tweet @AThymeToCook your guess using #PopUpTABLE!
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CLUE #1 Was on our Instagram Page!
CLUE #2 Was on our Twitter Page!
CLUE #3 Was right here on the blog!
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CLUE #5 Is live one one of our social media pages now!

Table Ticket Icon

More Info: https://thetablejuly.eventbrite.com/


2014 Catersource1

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
? Benjamin Franklin

At the end of March, three members of our A Thyme To Cook team – Linda, Gina and Magda – flew out to Las Vegas for the 2014 edition of the CaterSource conference. Their official website describes it well: “The annual Catersource Conference & Tradeshow has a proud history as a leading educational opportunity for caterers, with dynamic presenters, nonstop networking opportunities and the most amazing parties.”

According to Linda Sample, our President here at ATTC, it’s 24-7 catering and non-stop learning! The biggest news from the event was our being honored with a 2014 CATIE Award!

I asked Linda, Gina and Magda their thoughts on the trip and what they took away from it.

1. Other than the CATIE win, what was the highlight for you at this year’s Catersource?




Hopefully you will all “LIKE” what I have to say here and maybe want to “PIN” it or “RETWEET” me.

To many, the above line makes a ton of sense, to others, I could very well be talking in a foreign language. Whichever category you fall into, there is no escaping social media. Something ceases to be a ‘fad’ once it becomes an everyday part of the lexicon of our lives. Boot up your phone, open a magazine or turn on the TV – social media is everywhere.

While we can’t avoid it these days (notice the hashtags and little links while watching TV shows or commercials?), I like to look at it as positive momentum. Social media is here to help the world spread the word – it keeps us connected to one another. Sure, picking up the phone and hearing a friendly voice is always best, but to be able to watch my best friend’s kids grown up across the country or share a story I’m proud of with my friends all at once has a lot of benefits. Picture that little computer or phone screen as the old town crier – walking up and down the information highway, ringing his bell and shouting the news to the rooftops. It is how we communicate these days, it’s the new word of mouth.

Here at A Thyme To Cook we’re starting to focus a lot of energy on our little corner of cyberspace. We’ve got Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and keep adding new avenues of communication all the time. We do this because we want to be able to share with our friends, fans and guests. We like to share fun ideas, celebrate our accomplishments, notify you of upcoming events and see what you have to say in return.

Not sure what all this means? Let me try to help with an even more universal theme, and one we’re very fond of – FOOD!


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